Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I bought my bird-of-paradise plant in January last year.

 I was happy that a couple of weeks 
after I  bought it, a few bunches of lovely
flowers began to appear.


But, after its first batch of flowers, it doesn't
seem to be interested in flowering anymore.

A bunch appeared recently, but it didn't look good.
The flowers didn't actually bloom. And they dried up 
along the way. Can somebody help? 

I am just imagining, what a lovely scene it would be, 
if a beautiful bird-of-paradise bird were to come over to 
serenade my bird-of-paradise plant 
at a time when its flowers were still blooming!


  1. cikgu, its so beautiful compared to my small edible garden.

    Thank you. Certainly your edible garden is also beautiful in its own way.
    Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day!

  3. Amazing plant. Beautiful. Allah create haven and bird-of-paradise as well.

  4. keringat-ku
    As-salam. Thank you for dropping by. I agree with you that this bird-of-paradise is indeed an amazing plant. I have been having it for about 7 months already, but I haven't actually found the right kind of fertilizers for it to induce flowering. Have a nice day!

  5. Hello Temuk, I was at MamaTim's pondok nak check out noticed your callsign.
    Wow! First time I see a young man enjoying plants, growing them too.
    And yes, these 'birds of paradise' are really exotic plants, bila warna merah, really beautiful.
    I am impressed.

    And can see you a good photographer too. Great angle shots!
    Have a nice day.

  6. Hi Uncle Lee
    Thanks for dropping by. It looks like you are a great fan of BOP too. For your information, I still keep that plant, and it is still without flowers. But I'll patiently wait for the flowers to come, and in the meantime try to change the soil and fertilizers.

    Uncle Lee, bukan orang muda.... memang umur 30 tahun, tapi sebenarnya kena tambah 35 tahun lagi!

    Have a nice day, too, Uncle Lee.